A happy coincidence in a lab could revolutionise embryo models and targeted drug therapies.

A new study has uncovered serious issues in mathematics teaching and research.

The NSW Government has announced parents will be issued $150 “back to school” vouchers to help with cost of living pressures.

Walnuts could be the new super food for stressed university students.

WA’s school curriculum authority is working on a syllabus for the Punjabi language.

Lawyers have filed a class action against the WA Government on behalf of current and former Banksia Hill detainees.

The NT Government has scrapped a controversial school funding model based on attendance.

Australia’s annual sexual health check up shows STIs are mostly down, but this could be because of less testing.

Researchers have measured the psychological burden of racism.

A new merger could see the creation of one of Australia’s biggest universities.

Queensland scientists have unearthed a fossil described as the Rosetta Stone of marine palaeontology.

A Queensland women’s Indigenous ranger program has won over $1 million in an international conservation prize.

Locally-developed vaccine technology abandoned early in the COVID-19 pandemic has been revived.

The Queensland Land Court has ruled against a new coal mine on human rights grounds.

Scientists say AI may be the best tool for spotting a deepfake video.

Video game ‘loot boxes’ have been linked to problem gambling.

A new plan will see NSW student doctors get paid jobs in hospitals to ease staff shortages.

A world-first data analysis platform has been launched to understand the impacts of the climate crisis on native species.

High school students are growing plant experiments for the International Space Station.

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