An official inquiry into Queensland’s state-run DNA laboratory continues.

Researchers are testing a drug to inhibit a gene that drives many cancers.

The NT Government has announced a new incentive to encourage teachers to move to Katherine.

Experts say everyday Australians are fairly clueless about their country's most endangered species.

The federal government has been criticised over a “private school cash splash” announced this week.

The NSW Education Minister has been told “do not return to Broken Hill” until a teacher shortage is fixed.

The latest federal budget includes some conservative increases in research funding.

A NSW Government report calls for changes in the use of animals in medical research.

Scientists say digital poverty is holding back too many Australians.

An inquiry has heard significant claims about the culture at a scandal-plagued Queensland DNA lab.

A new report suggests writing abilities among Australian students are slipping.

A review claims “mistakes were made” in Australia’s COVID-19 response.

More than 250 health journals have come together to urge world leaders to deliver climate justice for Africa.

The science minister has warned CSIRO not to ‘rent out’ its brand to gas companies.

Experts have launched a new micro-probe for mineral research.

A new analysis shows a third of single mothers are in financial hardship due to welfare policies.

Federal, state and territory governments say they want to end violence against women and children in Australia ...

Human brain cells in a dish have learned to play Pong.

The Federal Government says it wants to give parents six months of paid leave by 2026.

The Federal Government is seeking feedback and complaints from myGov users.

Experts say an ADHD diagnosis in childhood may not lead to an improved quality of life for teens.

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