Religious schools in Victoria are losing the right to sack LGBTQ staff.

New research shows people unconsciously synchronise bodily functions when they share an experience.

Drug companies have come together to urge plain language in medical journals.

CSIRO experts will soon compete in what is effectively the robot Olympics.

Australia’s newest mass surveillance laws deal a damaging blow to digital rights.

The University of Melbourne is repaying around $9.5 million owed to casual academics.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover has picked up some truly groundbreaking rocks.

More than 200 scientific journals have put out a simultaneous call for climate action.

Engineers at RMIT are 3D-printing hypersonic aircraft parts.

Analysts are picking apart the Federal Government’s much-lauded Doherty modeling.

Scott Morrison has delivered a series of hollow platitudes in his keynote address to the National Summit on Women’s Safety.

Australia’s Innovative Research Universities (IRU) group is growing.

Business leaders say there should be strong technological ties between Australia and India.

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