The National Tertiary Education Union has backed compulsory COVID-19 vaccination for university staff and students.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has a new commissioner.

A new study suggests trust in scientists drives public adherence to pandemic restrictions.

Researchers are attempting to use artificial intelligence to predict the next pandemic.

The world's most advanced land-monitoring satellite has been launched into orbit.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) has launched a new, global, STEM mentoring program.

Safework SA has cleared a football team of workplace safety breaches from 2018.

Experts say data from the genome and epigenome will help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Researchers want to use AI to make identifying autism easier.

A majority of independent tertiary education colleges support compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations ...

Fossil footprints have pushed back the date of human occupation in North America.

Monash University has systematically underpaid many of its casual academics.

Victoria has detailed its plan for schools to reopen.

Experts want schools to be modified to greatly enhance ventilation.

The Federal Government has approved a mine expansion that was challenged in court by school students.

Researchers are investigating the therapeutic power of a Mozart sonata.

Exposure to toxoplasma, a disease carried by cats, may increase the likelihood of developing psychosis in young people already at risk.

Australia’s new submarine deal will require a generation of nuclear specialists to be trained.

A UK-based data analytics firm is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help activist investors maximise profits.

ANU astrophysicists have uncovered the previously unknown origin of gamma-rays.

Australia’s main university lobby is unsure which countries are a foreign interference risk.

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