The number of Aboriginal young people being jailed in NSW is declining.

The Morrison government is coupling $1.6 billion in preschool funding with new attendance targets.

Experts want Australia to dump NAPLAN and replace it with more dynamic tests.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has left the asteroid Bennu and is on its way back to Earth.

Researchers are shedding new light on our oldest evolutionary antecedents - bacteria.

There is little for the university sector to get excited about in this week’s federal budget.

Scientists are flying small drones in a grid formation to monitor the environment.

Local researchers have developed new tools to enhance citizen science.

Queensland has scrapped annual public reporting of year 12 results in league tables.

Nearly 1,000 robodebt victims were sent to debt collectors after the government admitted that the program was unlawful.

International experts in psychology have built a framework to diagnose Compulsive Buying-Shopping Disorder.

Aggressive and violent parents may be banned from entering school grounds under a new Victorian government bill.

The human rights council has uncovered physical, emotional and sexual abuse in Australian gymnastics.

The number of female authors in Australian medical journals is on the rise.

Experts say supporting female survivors of childhood maltreatment is critical to disrupting intergenerational abuse.

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