Building giant Boral has denied excavating Aboriginal relics from its quarry.

Victoria Police has launched a new website to help to solve puzzling cold cases.

Research shows that offering a free flu vax for kids has increased vaccination rates.

Some of Australia’s finest technological minds may soon be out of work.

Federal government ministers made dozens of secret funding decisions against the advice of their own departments last year.

A push is on for the Federal Government to provide free sanitary products in all public high schools.

A group of Australian teenagers has had a breakthrough in their climate change class action case against the Commonwealth.

Centrelink mutual obligations have helped private agencies’ profits, but not job seekers.

Universities Australia is preparing a major survey on student safety on campus.

Australian experts are on a new mission to increase the use of hydrogen fuel.

Researchers say a good decision-maker does not have to be the smartest one in the room.

A new survey suggests marketing is key to vaccine uptake.

The Australian National University has committed to reducing carbon emissions to below zero by 2030.

A five-year study of Australia's ‘Closing the Gap’ program suggests it is largely failing.

A new study links children’s physical activity to academic achievement via regulation of emotions.

Businesses are outraged at being made to fund mental health services in Victoria.

Experts say disabled academics often lack support from their institutions.

Researchers are struggling against entropy to create the most accurate clocks ever.

Vital pieces of Australian history are now reliant on public charity to protect them.

Local experts are working on an organic, printable device to restore sight to the blind.

New technology is helping paralysed people ‘write’ on a computer screen by just thinking about it.

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