ACARA has proposed a new national curriculum with a reduced focus on Australia’s ‘Christian heritage’.

The Australian Human Rights Council (AHRC) says it will not be deterred by conservative opposition to the term ‘anti-racism’.

The Federal Government has proposed a $53 million lifeline for private colleges.

The NDIA has defended a controversial disability assessment overhaul.

A new policy will require NSW public schools spend all of their funding within a year.

The Federal Government has announced $100 million for ocean protection.

Asbestos has been found at more than 100 Queensland schools.

Experts say the world is spending 173 per cent of its natural resource capacity.

The Federal Government has decided to extend telehealth services until the end of 2021.

Researchers have used AI to find more details on the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Clean and green Australian universities are leading the world, a new ranking suggests.

A new secondment program is letting Defence staff get hands-on with industry.

The Federal Government has torn up Victoria’s Belt and Road agreements with China.

The Victorian Government has put up $50 million for its own vaccine-making facility.

It will take until at least 2080 before women make up just one-third of Australia’s professional astronomers.

One of Australia’s newest telescopes has spotted its first pulsar.

Researchers have conducted the largest ever analysis of wellbeing studies ...

Experts have slammed the federal government’s “bizarre” new consent education campaign.

Mankind has made its first powered, controlled flight on another planet.

Experts say Australian universities have made a shortsighted decision by cutting Asiain language courses.

Researchers have come up with a new way to obtain Neanderthal DNA.

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