Alarming rates of youth-onset type 2 diabetes have emerged among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in northern Australia.

Experts say the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) needs more scrutiny.

A new program could allow people to explore single cells in virtual reality for less than $10.

Internal documents suggest the NSW Government is moving to sell off 19 TAFE properties.

The Federal Government has launched the ‘National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Child Sexual Abuse’.

WA’s first homegrown spacecraft has made contact with Earth.

Australia’s net-zero emissions ‘plan’ pins its hopes to technologies that do not yet exist.

The Federal Government wants social media companies to obtain parental permission before creating accounts for kids.

Experts have launched a calculator to help people understand their risk factors for COVID-19 infection and vaccination.

A citizen science project is looking at Facebook’s use of ‘dark ads’.

A review has found $25 billion in Coalition grants have been made through closed processes with no competitors.

Experts have looked at the drivers of the last 10,000 years of military technology development.

Researchers have revealed the data informing the return of students to classrooms in Victoria.

Two former TAFE NSW execs have been labelled corrupt.

Researchers have blown the whistle on faecal transplant studies that may produce misleading and false positive results.

The Moon appears to have been volcanically 'alive' for much longer than previously thought.

An inquiry into the destruction of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters has called for new laws to protect sacred sites.

The NSW Government says it is spending almost $500 million on 75 new domestic violence refuges.

Scientists are reporting high levels of abuse over COVID-19.

Australian researchers have demonstrated smart microscope slides that can detect cancer.

A Queensland teacher is taking the state’s education department to court after being assaulted by students.

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