The Federal government wants to to confiscate mobile phones in immigration detention.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) will soon run an independent review of abuse allegations at Gymnastics Australia.

An official inquiry has heard Google and Facebook should pay to use ABC and SBS content.

Experts say COVID-19 is exposing gaps in the NBN.

Researchers have come up with a statistical model to fight online abuse targeting women.

A new Morrison Government ‘sports rort’ has emerged, this time in the extremely wonky distribution of a $45 million fund.

A former vice-chancellor of several major universities has been found to have committed serious sexual misconduct ...

The University of Sydney has announced a new commitment to a pathway of net zero emissions.

The Federal Government wants control over agreements made by states, councils and universities.

Australians labs are making crucial moves in the fight against COVID-19.

Three Rio Tinto executives have been stripped of bonuses over the destruction of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters.

Scientists have found evidence of ancient star explosions in deep-sea sediments.

Experts say ‘Closing the Gap’ measures have failed to address racism in Australia's healthcare system.

Google says the Federal Government is forcing Australian to accept “dramatically worse” services.

Experts say school-based dementia education could deliver much needed empathy and understanding ...

Experts estimate that Australia’s population decline due to COVID-19 could cost the economy $117 billion a year.

A new $7 million partnership between CSIRO and BHP will study Ningaloo Reef, Australia’s largest fringing coral reef.

Queensland quantum physicists have come upon a new paradox that challenges some long-held beliefs about nature.

Authorities are using technology such as gamification, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to help teach people about water management.

Investigations have revealed that at least 10 universities are involved in an underpayment scandal.

Universities say the number of student places needs to grow even faster than planned, and fee hikes will not help.

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