Research suggests major developments are not regularly held up because of legal challenges to environmental approvals.

New studies suggest loneliness can be observed in the brain.

The Federal Government says a $10 million boost to the eSafety Commissioner’s budget will help local cyber safety.

CSIRO is planning to cut jobs in its oil and gas division.

Regulators are concerned about the amount of data Google would have access to if its buys Fitbit.

Arts Minister Paul Fletcher has defended job cuts at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

The Social Services Minister has denied reports that the JobSeeker unemployment payment will rise by $75 a week...

Australian researchers have developed a new technique to protect consumers from being scammed through ‘voice-spoofing’ attacks.

Rio Tinto has launched a review into how it destroyed two sacred Aboriginal sites.

CSIRO and Microsoft are partnering to tackle plastic waste and illegal fishing.

Australia will soon be home to half of the most sensitive telescope ever.

Experts have proposed changing the Closing the Gap measures.

New research shows Australian companies do better when they have more women in leadership.

Australia’s chief scientist says the nation must do more to lift energy efficiency.

Researchers say the world is experiencing its sixth mass extinction.

There is a type of small Australian lizard that sits in an interesting evolutionary middle ground.

Scott Morrison gave a vague address about cyber-security last week, and now experts have fleshed out his message.

New figures suggest Australia’s big money COVID-19 responses will not require serious austerity to repay.

The Federal Government is preparing a tertiary fees overhaul that will see cheaper degrees in priority areas.

Millions of low-paid workers are expected to benefit from a Fair Work decision to boost the minimum wage.

A new study finds that millions of ‘quiet Australians’ may not be interested in politics at all.

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