A new study has found the human-induced climate crisis made Australia's recent bushfires at least 30 per cent more likely.

An expert group is calling for the planet to come together and develop a strategy for human survival.

A massive scientific scorecard has rated the health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10.

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is preparing for Chinese companies to buy up distressed Australian assets.

Engineers have created a new, shape-changing, free-roaming soft robot to work alongside humans.

Industry insiders say childcare centres across the country could start closing in coming days.

A new study has found that a mother’s gut bugs can affect their baby’s food allergies.

Different states have announced various new rules to keep school students and broader public safe.

Researchers have investigated the strength of virtual learning environments.

A cutting-edge team has been formed to search for the oldest stars and galaxies in our universe.

Experts say the global COVID-19 shutdown should not be an excuse to stop climate action.

WA’s largest disability service provider has been sanctioned after it underpaid 1,700 disabled workers.

The Federal Government has found time to give private schools a $3.4 billion boost.

The first ever genetic map of the cerebral cortex has been produced with the help of Australian researchers.

Dozens of private schools have closed due to COVID-19, but the official stance is for schools to remain open for now.

Experts have issued advice on keeping kids occupied in quarantine.

A high-tech study of teeth has exposed ancient gender inequality in China.

A British study has found young vapers are less likely to try cigarettes later.

Queensland researchers say they have reached their funding goal for clinical trials of a possible COVID-19 vaccine.

Australia’s Closing the Gap policy has been dubbed a “medical response to what is effectively a political problem”, amid calls for stronger efforts.

New research shows how media coverage can cause people to search for information on an epidemic, regardless of the actual threat level.

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