Astronomers have recorded the biggest explosion ever seen in the universe.

New changes will require welfare recipients to report income as it appears on a payslip rather than estimating a figure.

The Queensland Government has pledged to to air-condition every school classroom, library and staffroom by mid-2022.

Scientists have discovered a non-oxygen breathing animal, shaking up long-held assumptions about life on Earth.

The Education Minister says he wants to end university ‘cancel culture’.

The Morrison Government says it has saved $3 billion in a crackdown on dodgy childcare providers.

A royal commission in Sydney has heard people with disabilities are seen as broken and in need of fixing by the medical profession.

Top global health bodies have laid out a broad range of risks they say is putting young people’s future under threat.

An increase in the number of people looking for work lifted Australia's unemployment rate from 5.1 to 5.3 per cent in January.

The Federal Government says its latest efforts to stop welfare overpayment will cost about $30 million.

The new Australian Space Agency launched this week.

An elite Melbourne school will be investigated over its management of child abuse risks, after damning revelations this week.

The Grattan institute has proposed a ‘master teacher’ position be created to improve teaching across schools.

Almost one-third of school students report being bullied.

Unions want a pay rise for Victoria’s juvenile prison staff to reflect the dangerous nature of their work.

Concerning new details have emerged about the Federal Government’s two sports rorts.

A new survey shows one in three trainee doctors in Australia have experienced or witnessed bullying, harassment or discrimination in the past 12 months, but most do not report it.

New research has revealed what appears to be a ‘switch’ that controls consciousness in the brain.

The Federal Government has extended a ban on foreign students returning to Australia.

The latest Closing the Gap report shows that by most socio-economic measures, Indigenous Australians are still behind ...

Investigations have found that children's access to disability funding appears to depend on where they live.

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