Experts say salt shakers should carry tobacco-style health warnings.

Archaeologists have discovered Bronze and Iron Age infants were probably fed animal milk in specialised vessels.

High-tech methods have helped preserve a centuries-old Aboriginal tree carving.

Australia has slipped in an annual ranking of digital competitiveness.

A new study has found blind people use the visual part of their brain for hearing instead.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has boldly avoided a global climate summit, spending time with the McDonald’s burger menu instead.

There is a glaring and growing gap between global warming targets and reality.

Thirteen Australian institutions have been recognised this week for their efforts to improve gender equity and diversity.

Australia will spend $150 million to get involved in America's planned mission to the Moon and then Mars.

The Federal Government has put up $34.9 million for a research centre focused on kids in the digital era.

A new report says the NDIS is not doing enough to support mentally ill Australians.

China is expanding its controversial Social Credit System to 33 million companies.

Researchers have produced new reconstructions of Denisovans - some of our long-lost relatives.

Experts say there is not enough nutrition in medical education.

The Greens have failed in a bid to abolish a $1.2 billion federal government “slush fund” for Catholic and independent schools.

A class action could be launched into the Federal Government’s ‘robodebt’ scheme.

Some of Australia’s top scientists have teamed up with a Japanese chemical firm to build next-gen batteries.

Victorian Aboriginal communities will soon elect representatives to draw lines for negotiating a treaty.

A new challenge national quantum-themed competition for game designers has been launched.

A diverse upbringing could help us better recognise faces across different races as adults.

Water vapour has been discovered in the atmosphere of a planet eight times as heavy and twice as large as Earth.

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