Education Queensland is being sued by the family of a boy with ADHD, after his school restrained him for ‘aggressive’ acts.

US scientists have shown activity in lab-grown mini-brains for the first time.

Questions have been asked about the ability of Australia’s new space agency to create jobs.

A slip in NAPLAN results has added to calls for reform.

La Trobe University is pushing to become Victoria's first carbon-neutral tertiary facility.

A new Federal Government taskforce will look at Chinese influence at Australian universities.

The average amount of lead in the blood of Port Pirie children is up 45 per cent this year.

The Federal Government has announced it will look at ISP-level site-blocking of ‘dangerous material’.

A new report finds the proportion of Indigenous Australians in prison has doubled in thirty years.

The New South Wales Education Department has scrapped a Chinese Government language program.

Researchers have turned living cells into computers, using DNA for information processing and storage.

Experts say reform to Australia’s personal finance sector is vital for the future wellbeing of Australian society.

Experts have warned of a “catastrophic” downturn in Chinese students at Australian universities.

A new study has found more children suffer head injuries playing recreational sport than team sport.

Australian scientists may have been the first to witness the end of a neutron star as it was engulfed by a black hole.

Research suggests multitasking is just as hard for women as it is for men.

July has been declared the world’s hottest month since records began.

Victoria Police has launched a mobile app to help assess risk in family violence matters.

Experts say marching, wiggling and tapping a beat helps young children to develop their self-regulation skills and improve school readiness.

New South Wales is cracking down on school enrolment caps and out-of-area enrolments in a bid to stop parents ‘school shopping’.

A skills shortage could put Australia’s infrastructure pipeline in danger.

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