The Prime Minister has been accused of mistruth about dole payments.

The HILDA survey suggests conditions are not improving for most Australians.

Recent warming events have been unmatched in the past 2,000 years, according to international and Australian researchers.

Researchers say it is becoming easier to identify individuals from anonymised data.

Centrelink will do more data-matching to find suspected welfare fraud.

A new survey finds 80 per cent of Newstart recipients have to skip meals.

The ACCC has proposed more scrutiny of tech giants Facebook and Google.

Research shows most of the videos about geo-engineering on YouTube do not reflect the scientific consensus and propagate popular conspiracy theories.

Genetics papers are being retracted at a rate 8 times higher than any other life sciences, due to an increase in copycats.

The NSW Government has defended education grants that its own treasury finds “unlikely” to provide value.

New independent MP Zali Steggall is calling for a nationwide climate emergency declaration – a push already undertaken by dozens of local governments.

A new Liberal MP has become the latest conservative to back an Indigenous advisory body in the constitution.

Nations with stronger women's rights appear to have better health and faster population growth.

A radio station that reads news to the blind needs more funding.

The unemployment rate remains at 5.2 per cent, despite the creation of 500 jobs in June.

Queensland students claim their grades have dropped in the move to the ATAR system.

Australian researchers have helped identify genes associated with anorexia.

A pre-emptive intervention for babies with early signs of autism appears successful.

CSIRO has discovered Australia’s ‘once in a century drought’ in the early 1900s caused mass ecosystem collapse.

New research has uncovered the parenting habits of one of our earliest ancestors.

Two Australian universities have been linked to technology used to carry out mass human rights abuses.

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