Limiting children’s recreational screen time to less than two hours a day linked to better cognition.

Qantas has announced plans to build a multi-million-dollar pilot training centre in Queensland.

New laws in NSW could leave some kids stranded after school.

Victoria says the Federal Government is “holding a gun” to its head over education funding.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has made his first trip to the NT as Indigenous affairs envoy.

Experts say industry influence on research agendas must be addressed.

Patterns have been observed in academic grades of 1.6 million students, showing that girls and boys perform very similarly in STEM.

Australia’s national science agency wants to get involved in NASA’s plan to build a Moon base.

Researchers have found out what happens when an octopus takes MDMA.

Experts want to ban the sale of caffeinated energy drinks to children and young people.

Scientists have found what appears to be the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record.

A new school funding deal will see Catholic and independent schools receive an extra $4.5 billion.

A school scheme in WA is pairing disadvantaged student with members of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO).

Scientists have been urged to be more open with the public about how and why lab-animals are used.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation expects to spend more than $7 million on administration this financial year.

Experts have raised alarm about “an epidemic of child abuse and neglect” in Australia.

Experts say Australia’s health system is under strain and in urgent need of transformation.

Researchers say a revolutionary business mindset can be taught.

Australia's run of jobs growth has continued.

A new report suggests Australia is facing a massive shortage of digital skills in the workplace.

Queensland wants to become a leader in Australia's space race.

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