Education Department staff have walked off the job in protest of job cuts.

Experts have discovered the first-ever cases of Neanderthal cave art.

Disability advocates have launched a campaign to get people to stop using the word “retard”.

Administrators have apologised after a crucial online trainee doctor exam crashed.

NSW has unlinked NAPLAN from HSC eligibility.

SA’s ombudsman has accused a former TAFE director of maladministration.

The NT Government has announced a $70 million project to replace Darwin's Don Dale detention centre and the Alice Springs youth detention facility.

Schizophrenia may have evolved as an “unwanted side effect” of the development of the complex human brain.

A Victorian parliamentary inquiry has heard children as young as eight could start receiving career advice.

Australian researchers have developed a 3D printable clip-on that can turn any smartphone into a microscope.

Monash University has launched a new innovation hub to address the electricity sector’s changing needs.

Experts say drug companies are aggressively targeting GPs with expensive educational events ...

Labor has proposed a $280 million independent education institute to investigate the functioning of Australian schools.

The NSW and SA education ministers have united to push for changes to NAPLAN.

A historic anniversary has been used to push for targets to reduce the number of Indigenous children in care.

New research has found 9 out of 10 kids at a juvenile detention centre have at least one form of severe brain impairment.

The Catholic Church's national wealth has been estimated at $30 billion.

Australian researchers have developed the world’s first virtual platform to host 3D copies of human cancer tissues.

Youth mental health experts say parents must help their kids deal with cyber bullying, and need more assistance in doing so.

The Catholic sector says Australia’s elite private schools receive an extra $747 million each year ...

Early tools found in India suggest our ancestors may have migrated out of Africa much earlier ...

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