CSIRO has bought time on one of the world’s most sophisticated satellites.

A leading education expert says too many teachers are “allowed to make it up” as they go.

New research suggests a majority of autism risk is genetic.

150 million years have been added to the timeline of life on Earth.

A merger that would have seen a quarter of after-school care centres run by a single company has been called off.

Questions have been asked after the Tasmanian Government awarded almost $1 million to a ‘relatively unknown company’.

Experts say the Australian government needs more cybersecurity staff.

A large Aboriginal organisation is pushing for a treaty.

Australian scientists have laid out their vision for the new national space agency.

NAB and CSIRO are joining forces for a project to explore ways for Australia to grow its most globally competitive industries.

Thousands of Queenslanders will have their welfare payments quarantined under new plans ...

Progress has slowed on plans for artificial intelligence to help users navigate the NDIS.

Unions say CSIRO is planning to cut close to 60 staff.

Researchers say bad vibes are contagious among teens.

The proportion of male teachers is dropping so rapidly that there will be none in 50 years’ time, a new study finds.

The cost of boarding school in WA is set to rise with the scrapping of a former subsidy.

The SA Government wants the state play a bigger role in the multi-billion-dollar space industry.

Fair Work wants to hear from international students who may be getting ripped off by their employers.

A trial has tested new age therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome among children.

University researchers are coming together to boost South Australia’s copper production.

Pathological internet addiction should be recognised as a disorder needing treatment, an Australian expert says.

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