Authorities say boxers do more to protect their heads when they are not wearing helmets.

A new study says researchers want open data, but a number of factors keep it hidden.

Centrelink's debt recovery system lacks transparency ...

Test runs of one of the world’s most advanced sensors have found nothing – exactly what they were looking for.

Queensland has pulled out of the online NAPLAN pilot after a series of glitches.

A UN official says Australia must do something about the “disturbing” number of incarcerated Aboriginal children.

The CSIRO says red tape is holding back Australia’s medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.

The Federal Government has launched an unpaid internship program with the backing of any legislation.

Australian researchers are bringing the AI revolution closer, with the opening of a new dedicated centre.

The CSIRO says four out of five Australian adults are not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Australia is one of the most depressed countries in the world.

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