NASA's Cassini spacecraft has dipped in between Saturn and its innermost rings to gather the most detailed data ever obtained.

Giving lollies to crying kids may make them emotional eaters later in life.

The Queensland Government insists that medical student places at the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital will not go to international students.

The Queensland Government says it will start drug testing parents whose children come into state care.

US researchers say transgender preschoolers have the same gender preferences for friends, clothes and toys as their peers.

Researchers are looking at the idea of making the clouds above the Great Barrier Reef brighter in order to cool it down.

Experts say the way foods are labelled creates unnecessary risks for kids with allergies.

Mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has launched a nationwide ad campaign to support the cashless welfare card.

The education sector has been hit by the visa reforms announced this week.

A new study shows investing in adolescent health and education brings significant economic benefit.

In a seriously ‘mad science’ piece of research, the brains of old mice have been rejuvenated by injecting plasma from a human umbilical cord.

A new OECD report has highlighted some of the pressures that can harm teenagers' wellbeing and performances at school.

Scientists and supporters of science will march in support of science this Saturday.

Three tiny Australian satellites are on their way to the International Space Station (ISS).

Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) has opened Australia’s first robotic surgery training centre.

The NSW Government has ditched the Safe Schools sexuality and gender diversity programme.

Another private training college has been deregistered.

Adelaide Botanic High will be the name of city’s newest school.

The latest Bush Blitz has uncovered over 50 new species of spider.

The Federal Government has failed to name the “community leaders” that it says are calling for the cashless welfare card.

An inquiry has been ordered after children’s personal details were published on the Victorian Education Department's website.

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