An advanced DNA project has mapped the connection to country of Indigenous Australians.

The Federal Government wants to ban unvaccinated children from childcare centres.

One of the internet’s founding fathers says tech giants must fight fake news.

The Climate Institute is closing due to a lack of funding.

The Sage training institute is closing centres in Brisbane and Sydney after failing to find a buyer.

A group of Australian students will soon compete at the world’s richest robotics competition.

An all-female expedition to Antarctica wants to break the scientific glass ceiling.

Queensland researchers have found a link between features of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that were previously thought to be unrelated.

Research from the US says the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) reach right down to the cells.

The medical community has condemned dangerous comments by a federal senator.

New research shows stereotypes can hamper drug addicts’ recovery.

UK scientists have gained regulatory approval to genetically modify human embryos.

A new report says one in three people in WA youth detention suffers from foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

The Gonski funding fight is going mobile.

A criminal behavioural expert says Senator Derryn Hinch's proposal for a sex offenders register may be misguided.

Researchers have found direct evidence some of the oldest life on Earth, dating back over 3.7 billion years.

The finance department has made waves with a wonderfully awkward new recruitment ad.

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