A human rights activist says Islamic schools are doing more harm than good to Muslim students.

The ANU is crowdsourcing its search for Planet Nine.

French scientists have created computational models to show how people learn about and from others' prudence, impatience and laziness.

Policy experts and academics have held a wide-ranging discussion on Australian schooling policy this week.

A review has heard Centrelink hit at least 21,000 families with bogus Family Tax Benefit debts last year.

A new study has been described as a “clear fingerprint” of human activity influencing climate systems.

Experts say up to 3.8 million Australian adults are missing out on free vaccinations each year.

A new centre will help Adelaide's Osborne shipyards prepare workers for $90 billion worth of shipbuilding.

The West Australian Government appears likely to introduce ‘no jab no play’ laws.

The Federal Government’s childcare system overhaul has passed the Senate.

An education expert says special measures should be taken for university students who are first in their family to attend.

The Federal Government has issued a new National Science Statement ...

Australia has come under fresh criticism for the treatment of its Indigenous population.

A new blood test can determine if a child is on the autism spectrum with 96 per cent accuracy, according to American researchers.

Scientists have flooded Canberra for this week’s Science Meets Parliament events.

Today is a day to reflect and take stock of the most valuable commodity on Earth.

Research has shown the importance of human contact for babies in the first days of their lives.

The NSW Government is opening a science-focused school to be run by the Catholic Education office.

A teacher has sued the Australian Education Union for not representing her.

Astronomers have spotted a star whipping around a black hole a mind-bending two times an hour.

New findings roll back the date for when multicellular life emerged on Earth.

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