The Business Council says more funding will be needed to avoid massive skills shortages.

A new report has painted a disturbing picture of heavy drinking and sexual harassment at elite colleges.

Leases have been signed at what could be the site of Australia's first commercial space centre.

A court ruling has found an industrial loophole leaving Queensland apprentices underpaid for almost four years.

New research suggests adolescents with food allergies are experiencing frequent allergic reactions ...

Doctors have joined a push to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years old.

Australian researchers have helped measure how Earth absorbs the very highest energy neutrinos ...

Australia has played host to a robotics summit focussed on dealing with nuclear waste in the future.

RMIT has called for all universities to consider a blanket ban on sex between faculty members and students.

Migrants are getting stuck in part-time and insecure work that does not recognise their qualifications, according to a new study.

Catholic and independent schools are arguing over who is most disadvantaged by the current funding model.

South Australia has continued the stand-off over the Federal Government's Gonski 2.0 education plan.

Researchers say they have found proof that the sugar industry withheld evidence of the health effects of sucrose nearly 50 years ago.

A landmark investment has been made in research to prevent and treat cardiometabolic diseases.

Charles Sturt University has switched on a 6,000-panel rooftop solar system.

Rumour has it gossiping may actually be useful.

Neuroscientists have watched the brain grow and shrink as lessons become engrained functions.

A new research collaboration has been launched to develop the next generation of sensitive, portable disease and drugs tests.

Queensland’s LNP wants all new teachers to undergo basic testing before they are allowed to enter a classroom.

A new study has measured how much Schoolies intend to drink, and how little they can resist it.

The NSW Education Standards Authority has delivered a scathing report on the compliance of three alternative schools.

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