A major study of dingo DNA has revealed dingoes most likely migrated to Australia in two separate waves via a former land bridge with Papua New Guinea.

The SA Government has put up $690 million to replace old buildings and classrooms at 90 schools across the state.

The Federal Government has thrown out plans for a referendum on Indigenous recognition.

A new project is combining 3D-printing, robotic surgery and advanced manufacturing ...

The Federal Government has launched a $100 million fund to fight brain cancer.

A spike in whooping cough has led SA Health to warn “irresponsible” parents.

The University of Sydney has developed a blockchain system for financial transfers that is faster than almost any other.

A new study suggests children spontaneously practice skills to prepare for the future starting at the age of 6.

Even across vastly different cultures, research suggests listening to teens’ problems gives them a stronger sense of self worth.

Experts say Australian students are turning their backs on maths and science.

Hobart City Council has joined the push to change the date of Australia Day.

After years of failure, the Federal Government is working on a major overhaul of the Closing the Gap strategy.

Operators say TAFE is on the brink of collapse, with the system in critical decline.

Basic mental health training for managers can bring significant benefits, research shows.

Schools may get extra time to transition to NAPLAN online.

Australia's unemployment rate has dropped to 5.5 per cent.

The Government’s attempts to change the English language citizenship test has been compared to the White Australia policy.

NXT is standing in the way of the government’s planned uni fee increase.

A large-scale review has found the NDIS will be rolled out late, and could rely on foreign workers.

Queensland scientists are working to inject human rationality into robots.

Victoria is on the verge of achieving the ‘holy grail’ of 95 per cent immunisation.

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