More than 100 Natural World Heritage Sites are being destroyed by encroaching human activities.

Research suggests plain packaging and warning labels are motivating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smokers to quit smoking.

New NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has dumped senior MPs in favour of fresh blood.

Western Australia will soon become the first state to offer free meningococcal vaccinations for teenagers aged 15 to 19.

A new partnership should help address inequities in health services for rural and remote areas.

Biomolecular science professor Alan Mackay-Sim has been named Australian of the Year.

Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons says Australian physics lessons have become too ‘feminised’.

Scientists are investigating the idea of growing replacement human organs inside pigs.

Victoria’s corruption watchdog has detailed the mind-bending waste of money that was the ‘Ultranet’ online education portal.

Europe’s beautiful yet haunting new underwater museum is open.

Physicists have invented a tiny device that creates the highest quality holographic images ever achieved.

A new study has looked at whether the fear of punishment influences peoples’ pirate behaviour.

The RACP wants alcohol companies to be banned from sponsoring cricket.

The number of child abuse reports made by teachers to authorities has increased.

Repressive religious ministry Catch the Fire has had its charity status revoked...

Stats show only two thirds of Australian university students will graduate within six years.

Tasmania’s Huonville High School has won an international renewable energy prize worth $US100,000 ($133,000).

The Social Services Department has not decided whether to expand trials of the cashless welfare card.

Scientists are getting a fix on bizarre movements in the quantum world.

Recent climate progress is positive, but the claim that the ‘science is settled’...

Queensland Government documents have revealed that dozens of state schools are riddled with asbestos.

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