The Tax Office could make workers pay their own uni fees if they fail.

Queensland leads the country when it comes to jailing children.

All Australian governments are being urged to let asylum seekers study at TAFE.

The Federal Government says it has the education sector’s support for efforts to improve admissions.

Researchers say chimpanzees are five times more likely to cooperate than compete.

New appointments to a backbench environment committee are causing a stir.

Biomedical engineers say the world needs a better standard for sunglasses.

The Federal Education Minister has indicated he might cap loans to vocational education students.

An Adelaide council that had rejected a Diwali festival has offered to allow it.

Researchers have sequenced the genomes of the animals used to make the clothing of a 5,300-year-old mummy.

Elephant seals have helped confirm that fresh water from Antarctic’s melting ice shelves affect global temperatures.

Over-the-counter laser pointers can be harmful to eyesight, a new review says.

A national survey of sexual harassment and sexual assault is now open...

Mary O’Kane has won the inaugural Ada Lovelace Medal for outstanding engineering.

“There’s an app for that!” ...

Swedish researchers are challenging the idea of ‘healthy obesity’.

The Tasmanian Government has ditched its plan to lower the compulsory school starting age.

Creative and emotional intelligence will be the keys to robot-proofing the workforce...

A new study has looked at just how genetically different we all are.

Simon Birmingham says higher education providers are acting like “petulant toddlers” ...

Scitech - Western Australia's leading science education centre – is moving in next to the new WA Museum.

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