“Drunkorexia” is a growing and dangerous trend among young women, a new study shows.

International experts agree that exercise boosts students’ brain power and academic prowess.

A plan to bring unqualified teachers in NSW prison is causing a lot of controversy.

The Carnarvon Shire Council will fly the Aboriginal flag from council offices during NAIDOC week, despite the shire president’s opposition.

The Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR) wants all parties to commit to a national recycling scheme.

Suicide rates among Indigenous people in some parts of the Kimberly are ten times the global average.

The Prime Minister has put up millions for youth mental health, just days after being criticised for dismantling the system.

Victorian children will soon get access to the future of diagnostic medicine.

Experts say internet access can boost education, employment and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Queensland schools are fast-tracking the introduction of coding classes for kids.

A new study using Australian data says increased school funding does not lead to better performance.

The Northern Territory’s Education Minister says the Federal Government push to get more kids to school is failing.

Australian researchers are looking at the benefits and dangers of ‘study drugs’.

New research suggests we developed the ability to see at night to avoid being eaten during the day.

The Productivity Commission has again warned of the rise of the machines.

While society begins to realise that gender is not binary, many of the world’s 25 million transgender people still experience stigma, prejudice and abuse.

Researchers say working out after learning can help boost memory retention, if timed correctly.

Australian scientists have helped detect the gravitational waves emitted by colliding black holes for the second time.

Biologists have wrestled for years with the question of when snakes lost their legs.

The WA Government has acknowledged its sluggishness in rebuilding decades-old public schools.

Almost $4 billion will be spent on 3,000 new prison beds into the New South Wales prison system over the next four years.

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