Scientists have known for years that there is water inside the moon, and they now say they know where it comes from.

Murdoch University has announced a five year research alliance to develop projects in the field of medicinal cannabis.

An innovative new flood gate design but Queensland students is on its way to mass production.

One local engineer says he has the solution for dodgy internet coverage in the bush.

Trouble in the small town of Aurukun is putting vital education at risk.

Scientists have seen tiny hints of a possible fifth force of nature.

Investigations of a French cave suggest Neanderthals were more industrious than previously thought.

Australia authorities have told New Zealand not to follow the Australian TAFE system.

Australian scientist Michelle Simmons has been awarded the prestigious Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology.

The digital literacy of a major terrorist group has been questioned again, after ISIS fanboys gave away their secret locations.

Experts say most violent individuals do not have a clear mental illness, despite what gun lobbies claim.

Imagine how many global issues and conflicts are caused by our inability to communicate.

A quarter of all Australian children aged 10 and under has untreated tooth decay.

An education union official has accused fast food giant McDonald’s of paying its workers below award rates.

Community playgroups have big social and economic benefits not just for children but also for their parents, research shows.

New research shows why tall teenage boys galumph around like awkward giraffes.

New fossils suggest large multi-celled life appeared on Earth about 1 billion years earlier than previously thought.

A small study suggests magic mushrooms could help with treatment-resistant depression.

Australian researchers are questioning the effectiveness of antidepressants, after a clinical study suggested many might be taking them unnecessarily.

Australian engineers have unveiled a breakthrough new microscope, two decades in the making, opening up a new window into the scientific world.

Mental illness is the largest and fastest growing source of disability in Australia and more needs to be done to improve the stakes.

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