A recent survey has found that negative attitudes among Australian voters towards asylum seekers are driven by religious bigotry more than by racism or economic anxieties.

Experts have gathered data on the toll that heavy drinkers take on society.

Cola-Cola has published a list of 34 Australian institutions that were given a share of $1.7 million in research funding over the past five years.

Humans spend much less time chewing than our primate cousins, and it may have actually helped us evolve.

A West Australian mayor wants trouble-making kids to be caned, and is looking to the Barnett Government for support.

A simple street crossing will soon become an apt tribute to one of the founding mothers of Melbourne.

The latest national academic performance figures have revealed “signs of improvement across the country”.

A new discovery could see more tourists visiting one of Australia’s already best-known sites.

Top scientists warn that the CSIRO’s “trashed” reputation will see the next generation of experts seek work somewhere else.

Environmental experts want new conservation efforts to focus on some of Nature’s "ugliest" creations.

There is more criticism this week of the recently-negotiated TPPA and its impact on public health schemes.

Australia’s top companies, across all industries, do better with more women on their executive teams.

As rates of childhood obesity continue to skyrocket, new research shows there may be a surprising was to encourage a healthy diet.

Virtual reality will soon be a big part of many people’s lives, but little is known about the possible psychological effect of life in a false world.

ANU research says one in three families will be worse off under the Federal Government's planned changes to child care.

Over three years after their pay agreement expired, vocational education (VE) staff at RMIT University still do not have a new one.

A teenager is suing the Victorian Education Department after alleged homophobic bullying left him suicidal.

The WA Education Minister wants parents to teach their children more before they start school.

The NT education union has grilled the Government on where $272 million of funding is being spent.

The New South Wales Teachers Federation says the State Government is watering down the qualifications required to be a school counsellor.

There is a big push to break down the ‘silos’ in science, but new research suggests it is possible to go too far.

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