Researchers have recovered a large section of dinosaur tail, complete with heavy plumage, encased in amber.

A new report says Headspace provides only a "small" benefit to clients.

Unemployment has increased despite close to 40,000 new jobs being created.

The latest NAPLAN numbers show the academic performance of Australian primary and secondary students has flat-lined.

More details on the incredible cost of the National Broadband Network have surfaced.

A new study on controlling the rhythms of the brain has some startling results.

An international study says depression affects nearly a third of all med students.

One hundred experiments designed by Australian students are now on their way to space.

Australian scientists have designed a crystal nano-antenna that turns darkness into visible light.

Researchers have attached cameras to babies to develop a new theory of infant language-learning.

Despite spending over $10 billion a year on sport and fitness activities, keeping kids engaged after 11 years old is proving a challenge.

A global report found has found a dip in the educational achievements of Australian 15-year-olds.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has warned “green activist” teachers against protesting the abuse of asylum seekers.

Disability advocates are concerned about WA’s state NDIS model.

Workplaces will be encouraged to employ people with disabilities, fund leadership and create ...

Australian computer scientists have helped reveal the secrets of the origin of our solar system.

A new study suggests feeling a bit bad can improve students’ academic success.

The Baird Government has been criticised for demanding TAFE hand back $210 million in “excess cash”.

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