A high-tech telescope in the West Australian outback has produced incredible new pictures of our Universe.

Research has revealed a big divide in Australian health.

Australia has suffered defeat in its quest to retain a coveted prize in cyborg sports...

Google has provided $5 million to see a new generation of Australian brainchildren come to life.

Nature has released its list of Australia’s best research institutions.

Women in government face sexism, harassment, violence and ...

The Federal Government will hold an inquiry into the incarceration rate of Indigenous Australians.

Robots scanning the seabed have stumbled on a stunning set of ancient shipwrecks.

The leaders of a brand new field say ‘psychobiotics’ could change the world.

Could taking a hard line on speed limits actually decrease road safety?

Little lies open us up to bigger lies, research shows.

Aboriginal children are being hospitalised for...

Economists say the funding links between fossil fuel firms and researchers could threaten academic independence.

Australian scientists have helped create the most detailed map of the Milky Way, using the world’s largest radio telescopes.

This week’s Prime Minister’s Prizes have recognised top science teachers.

Education groups are supporting plans to overhaul QLD's senior school assessment system.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has rejected the severity of reports about abuse in detention centres.

An SA politician says NDIS clients still wait up to a year for coverage even after being approved for funding.

The Australian Council of Social Service says there are now more kids in poverty than at any other time this decade.

An Australian science writer says women can fix the big challenges our planet faces.

The wordy works of Shakespeare have been used to help autistic kids open up.

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