Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been accused of not doing his homework before plugging federal education policies during his trip to far north Queensland.

A high-tech study has revealed that the human brain really does learn from failure.

A new industry-linked program is throwing students into the deep end of the foreign exchange market.

Despite being inundated with negative and abusive feedback, the Adelaide City Council will install a rainbow walk to celebrate the city’s gay and lesbian community.

Stephen Hawking has laid down his latest ideas on the nature of black holes.

Researchers are working on online tools to support parents during separation and divorce.

A new study says that 60 per cent of Australian students are studying for jobs that will not exists, or be very different, in 15 years’ time.

Authorities have launched a crackdown on child care training organisations.

A study on self-directed learning in STEM subjects suggests students can get a boost by going it alone.

The Federal Government has launched a survey to gauge the experiences of LGBTI sportspeople.

Reports say the ACTU is setting up a $30 million campaign to spread anti-Abbott messaging.

CSIRO could sell its Ginninderra field station.

Australian researchers have set a new record for generating hydrogen fuel with solar power.

A simple device could bring robots and artificial intelligence closer to natural human abilities.

The Victorian Government is introducing new 'no jab, no play' laws, banning unvaccinated kids from child care and kindergarten.

A new study has shown that the human eyeball does a lot of visual processing before its signals even reach the brain.

The high rate of Tasmanian students graduating without being able to read, write or do sums is a “big problem”, one minister says.

All of South Australia's government schools are getting involved in a program to give online reading comprehension and mathematics tests will to students in years three to 10.

The WA State School Teachers' Union has launched a new campaign to call on the WA Government to reinstate TAFE funding.

Live music poured $15.7 billion into the Australian economy last year, while creating 65,000 full and part-time jobs.

A new campaign has been launched to rename the common navy blue ‘wife beater’ singlet.

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