The first female and first Australian principal investigator on a mission to Mars says Australia should embrace the opportunity to inspire - and retain - the next generation of home-grown scientists, engineers and technologists by joining the space exploration game.

New research has shed light on the mechanisms in the brain that can lead depressed people to dwell on negative thoughts.

A new report card for global aid reveals Australians are an altruistic bunch, saving the lives of 230,000 children since the year 2000.

Health experts are staging a unique theatrical collaboration aimed at dispelling myths about eating disorders and fad dieting in teenagers.

Western Australia’s Opposition is taking shots at the state’s new education funding model.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has warned children could be at risk due to understaffing and a lack of resources at the WA Department for Child Protection and Family Support’s Working With Children Unit.

New research suggests that just like humans, fruit flies show self-awareness of their actions.

Despite Australia’s relatively high rate of cannabis use, new figures show most are strongly opposed to it.

A global survey has found that the world’s wealthiest people understand climate change, but only half see it as a threat.

There is a lot of sensitivity around swearing and other language conventions in modern culture, but some academics wonder if it is really warranted.

Chinese tech firm Huawei has come a long way in the last few years – moving from a ban in Australia on national security grounds to become an educator and benefactor of Government contracts.

A new study suggests music training for kids and teens helps improve their brains’ responses to sound and sharpen learning skills.

An international team of astronomers have announced the discovery of a near-Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of a Sun-like star – the most appropriate replacement for Earth ever spotted.

The Assistant Education Minister, Senator Simon Birmingham, has taken to the radiowaves to warn people not to pay attention to Australian union claims over the threat of new free-trade deals.

Students at a WA high school have stepped way beyond the normal science class veggie patch.

A new Torrens University campus has officially opened in Adelaide.

One expert says there is a goldmine of data at many major that could be used to enhance a range of outcomes.

An Australian researcher says the revival of an Aboriginal language in South Australia could bring mental health benefits.

A forum in Darwin has heard of an idea that could greatly boost education outcomes for kids in the bush.

A new centre will be set up specifically to find ways of demonstrating teacher effectiveness.

A study from the US suggests children can be prompted to consume more unhealthy foods by seeing plump cartoon characters.

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