Researchers are unravelling the puzzling paradox of the seahorse’s tail.

New research suggests playing can be a lot of hard work.

Researchers say there should be more tests on the theory that school is ruining children’s eyes.

With potentially harmful chemicals accumulating on children’s playgrounds around the country, researchers have studied how effective simple cleaning techniques may be.

Modern science and ancient Indigenous knowledge should be much more closely linked, one expert says.

It is a commonly-held belief that “student engagement” in the classroom is crucial to learning, and there may now be a good way to measure it.

Education experts say political attacks on teachers are driving people away from the profession.

New figures show Western Australia's universities suffered a significant drop in income in 2014.

Australian IT company Anittel has secured a $2 million deal with a group of schools in Western Australia.

Australia now has a children's e-safety commissioner.

Australia’s elite universities want to keep up discussions about higher education funding, depsite the failure of the Federal Government’s bill this week.

South Australia’s Opposition says that state’s year 7 students are being “robbed of specialist education” by being kept in primary school.

Neuroscientists have used advanced techniques to find out just what happens in the brain when it learns something technical.

The Tasmanian Government wants religious schools to have the right to reject students whose families do not share their faith.

West Australian teachers have accepted a deal for an 8 per cent wage rise over three years.

Last Thursday was national Close The Gap day, and while events were on around the country to address Indigenous inequality, the Prime Minister’s top Indigenous advisor had some harsh words for his boss.

Two Australian PhD students have reached the final round of an international competition thanks to their exciting project to cost-effectively produce biofuel from algae.

German researchers have found a gene responsible for allowing the brain to develop fancy functions like speech and conscious thought.

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) says the Federal Government is jeopardising jobs by holding research funding “hostage” while it tries to intervene in the university sector.

Unemployment has slipped down to 6.3 per cent, with 15,600 jobs added in the latest period.

The Federal Government has unveiled legislation to stop abuse of the vocational education loans scheme.

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