Physicists will have to re-adjust their theories, following the discovery of a mind-bogglingly big black hole.

$200,000 will be spent to help kids that live with travelling show groups.

There has been more criticism this week of a 6-week fast-track program designed to get more professionals into teaching.

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has announced it will set up a new education research centre to fight back against state's poor retention rates.

The Victorian government has scrapped the rating scale for teacher performance reviews.

Children must be vaccinated for their parents to receive welfare benefits, under reforms proposed for Australia’s $150 billion welfare system.

Australian teams are getting ready to unveil a raft of new robots.

A round-up of studies shows that a baby’s immune system is tuned by early exposure to germs and bugs.

One of Australia’s top scientists has warned that cuts to research funding will put the nation at risk.

New research has identified the parts of the brain used for finding mistakes in other people’s understanding, an important step in the science of teaching.

A long-awaited major review of Australian childcare has called for a single means-tested payment and federal funding for nannies.

One north Queensland school will soon unveil its ‘Confucius Classroom’, designed to promote Chinese language and culture.

About 9,500 Victorian vocational students have had to hand back their certificates after concern about the low quality of education training.

A new report shows just how hard is for Australia’s homeless youth.

Current data-storage techniques do not last long enough to preserve information for the ages, so a Swiss team is developing a better way – encoding data in DNA-filled glass spheres.

Engineers from around the world are heading to Broome to use a state-of-the-art ship simulator to test their designs for multi-billion-dollar ports.

Questacon is helping science teachers boost the number of Australians with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills.

A new study suggests monkeys have a very human desire to learn, especially if it proves them right.

The Federal Government will soon make student teachers pass a literacy and numeracy test before they can enter the classroom.

The Prime Minister has dismissed a disturbing report on the state of hundreds of children in Australian detention centres.

A new study has shown just how important Wikipedia is in academia, and suggests ways to get it even more involved.

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