New research has shown that on a per-calorie basis, the carbon emissions from the production of fruit and vegetables can be much higher than for meat.

The Islamic College of South Australia has had its funding frozen by the Federal Government.

There are a number of social stereotypes about finding things, and new research suggests they could have a neuroscientific basis.

Some top-level members of Victoria’s education department will face court on corruption charges.

A new project has allowed researchers to gauge a person’s anger based only on the way they use a computer mouse.

Dozens of New South Wales teachers have assaulted students with autism, leaked documents allege.

Some potential recipients of the Federal Government’s $1.1 billion “ideas boom” investment say revolutionising the economy will take more than just money.

Reports say changes are on the way that will see NSW TAFEs fight for funding with private operators.

A new Federal Government initiative will bring some high-tech tools to one of the world’s oldest activities.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has kicked in to fund a new non-profit research company that seeks to promote ethical and safe artificial intelligence (AI).

Young people with behavioural problems, such as antisocial and aggressive behaviour, show reduced grey matter volume in a number of areas of the brain, a new study says.

A landmark report says Tasmanians cannot blame social disadvantage or low government spending for being behind on social and economic indicators.

The ACCC is taking a third big training provider to court on allegations it used illegal tactics to lure in new students, and rack up federal government loans.

The former head of Tasmanian Irrigation, Chris Oldfield, is about to take up his new position as the Australian Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner in San Francisco.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he has invested $300 million in the drug treatment sector as a response to the recent ‘ice’ taskforce.

The Federal Government has put up almost $1.1 billion to promote business-based research, development and innovation over the next four years.

Neuroscientists now can read the mind of a fly – or at least, watch it think.

New evidence suggests a father’s diet can influence their unborn children – before they are even conceived.

A group of US scientists and activists want the next level of gene-editing techniques banned.

The Federal Government has announced a funding freeze of the training sector ahead of a complete review.

New research shows the act of handling money makes young children work harder and give less.

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