Two of Australia’s richest people have donated $10 million to Melbourne University to enhance the teaching of history.

Many spend hours in the gym each week filling up on protein supplements in the quest for a ripped physique, but all that hard work and money spent on sweet tasting powder could be in vain.

A new high-tech virtual classroom will soon help Australia's universities create “greener” engineers of the future.

Research has revealed a significant drop in the number of new teenage smokers, with the reduction attributed to plain packaging laws.

A new review says closing the gap for Indigenous eye health is very much a possibility.

A land sale at a selective school in Sydney’s south west will help fund two new schools in the area, and a new agricultural high school as well.

The ACCC is again taking legal action against a VET provider, saying it shows clear holes in the VET FEE-HELP system.

The Senate has passed a bill that would remove all children from onshore immigration detention.

Christian education organisation Access Ministries has been accused of trying to convert kindergarteners.

An important research project has found what young women thought after they saw the film “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Some of Australia’s top chief executives say the Turnbull government focus on technology education to boost productivity.

While parents complain that kids spend all their time on electronic devices, new stats suggest their digital skills are slipping.

NASA scientists have discovered that Pluto is still geologically-active – a finding that has shocked many of those involved in the New Horizons mission.

Refugee and asylum seeker children have skirted the rules of their detention and set up a Facebook page to speak out about their treatment.

Three in five Australians have been the target of online harassment and abuse, a landmark study has revealed.

An up-and-coming Australian medical researcher has been recognised for her work in improving gene therapy for Cystic Fibrosis.

Many people believe they have a doppelganger; someone else walking the planet that is completely identical to them.

While tech experts around the world seek the next level of artificial intelligence, an Australian team is hunting something harder to define – artificial consciousness.

After three years without, WA has a Commissioner for Children and Young People once again.

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones has confirmed that over 600 Department of Education records have been accessed illegally.

Unemployment in Australia has taken a somewhat surprising dive in new figures released this week.

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