Queensland childcare centres will be allowed to reject unvaccinated children from January 1 next year.

Reports this week accuse private training colleges of profiteering to the tune of $3 billion - at public expense.

Yamaha’s new motorcycle-riding robot has called out nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi.

The Australian Academy of Science has become the latest major institution to offload its fossil fuel investments.

The Rosetta mission has made the surprising discovery that there is oxygen on Comet 67P, around which the ESA probe is orbiting.

Canberra Grammar School – an elite boys-only ACT institution – could soon welcome the other half of society.

Junk mail promotes junk food – that is the finding of a new study into the health benefits of the most heavily-promoted foods in supermarket catalogues.

Advanced equipment at a new research facility launched this week will allow scientists to better understand the relationship between the wind, ocean and sky.

A Queensland education researcher says there are things that schools can do to help children deal with exam stress.

Two senior Queensland Department of Education officers have been sacked in the wake of an IT bungle that saw almost 1,000 cases of possible child abuse not reported to police.

The human brain is a majestic and mysterious thing, about which we still know very little.

The Federal Government has ditched a plan to pay $4 million for a climate change research centre headed by Bjorn Lomborg.

Australia now houses the world’s only research institute dedicated to dealing with broken brains.

A review by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) says two-thirds of the private training providers it audited have serious problems.

New research suggests Australians foresee a future where their society is more skilled, but less friendly and moral.

The Federal Government is introducing a reduced set of Family Tax Benefit cuts to those proposed in the 2014 budget.

The Federal Government has been accused of storming ahead on plans to impose strict restrictions on Indigenous welfare recipients, by way of a cashless welfare card.

In just a few years it will be commonplace for people to have their entire set of DNA sequenced, but many do not want to know what is in store.

The shortlist of sites for a new public high school in Perth's western suburbs has been released.

Queensland’s LNP Opposition says the State Government has given extraordinary powers to a union that was key to its election victory.

High levels of toxic metals, found in and near mining towns, appear to be negatively influencing the brain development of children living nearby.

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