YouTube can do many things, but a new study says saving lives is probably not one of them.

A scholarship will allow three inspiring Indigenous students to study at two of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Emoticons just don’t cut it - a new study says children’s social skills are being reduced by their excessive use of digital screens and media.

The Federal Government’s school chaplaincy program will go ahead, but has been changed to get around a High Court decision.

Group of Eight vice-chancellors have assembled in Canberra this week as decisions are made around university deregulation.

An Australian study has shed new light on the relationship between Neanderthals and modern humans, suggesting they lived side-by-side for thousands of years.

One of Australia’s youngest scientific laser-wranglers has received a $25,000 boost to her high-tech water filter work.

An Australian university-run project has seen teams of young engineers design and build houses for rural Cambodian communities.

Australian firms operating in West Africa a preparing for the threat of Ebola outbreak, as the Federal Government pledges more money to fight the growing plague.

New research shows that autistic children have excess synapses, the connections between neurons, which do not decline with age.

A new study says private school might not be so beneficial.

A new study shows physically fit kids have beefier brains than their less fit peers.

While sex-ed is commonplace in schools, sexuality education is almost totally lacking.

The Federal Government is paying $2.1 million to give Tasmanian school principals and parents groups more say.

Self-identity supported by positive role models can be a major boost for neglected Australians.

Australian researchers say people should be more aware of epigenetics, and the various ways that a parent’s experiences can filter down to their child.

An incredibly rare Australian fish has been bred in captivity for the first time.

Internet activists have fought back against an online gender imbalance.

A new study shows that teaching can be a good way to learn.

Research suggests that before a child is one year old, they already understand important differences between living beings and inanimate objects.

Northern Territory teachers will strike next week as their stoush drags into its second year.

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