The WA Government will redirect $45 million from secondary to primary schools over five-years, as part of funding reforms unveiled this week.

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) says it is time to intervene and shape the future of Australian education.

Some people are born with a clear deficiency when it comes to mathematics, but few know that poor arithmetic can actually be a learning disorder.

Victoria has excommunicated religion from its schools, banning church groups from holding prayer meetings, handing out sacred texts or other on-campus expanding of the flock.

A new device is giving Australian researchers a 'Google street view' of galaxies.

Data from proton-collision experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may show a Higgs boson particle being tossed around like a ball between two other particles.

Japan may be planning to bring sports of the future to the 2020 Olympics, with word that it will hold some robotic events.

Australian students may have broken a 26-year-old world speed record to become the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500 kilometres on a single battery charge.

A new report says it will take more than financial inducement to get many professionals to ply their trade in rural areas.

A million dollar ad campaign has not been enough to convince WA teachers that the state’s new school funding model is a good idea.

Queensland’s tertiary entrance score system is up for review, as an independent council looks for ways to improve the rankings.

Rolling strikes for Catholic teachers started this week in New South Wales, with staff at schools across the state angry at attempt to erode their working conditions.

The Federal Government has extended a program which suspends welfare payments for NT parents whose children fail to attend school.

The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance has identified dozens of assets that could be sold, and promises the money will be re-invested.

Funding has been secured for more rounds of the Bush Blitz – a program that sends Australian scientists on lightning war against the mysteries of the outback.

The Productivity Commission is questioning the benefits of the proposed paid parental leave scheme, recommending the Federal Government use the funding for to support more childcare.

Anthropologists say that the voices heard by schizophrenics are shaped by their environments.

The young stars of tomorrow’s engineering world will face-off against each other in August.

The future could be defined by the rise of nanobots, hyperconductors, quantum networks and... eggplant?

Studies have shown why it is important that young people feel a connection to a school community, but at the same time Australian Government policies are keeping some out.

A move made by the Senate on the Federal Budget means $435 million will not be cut from universities.

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