The end of the financial year this week has seen the closure of a number of Co-operative Research Centres, bringing an end to important projects such as the Future Farm Industry CRC in WA.

Pressure to conform to particular body types is well-known among  girls, but a new study shows boys are subject to some of the same ideals and influences when it comes to becoming a man.

A prominent Australian banking boss has been awarded an honorary doctorate for her ongoing philanthropic investment in education.

A prominent Christian education figure has spoken against the school chaplaincy program, saying obesity and psychological wellness are more important issues for the money.

A rural Parliamentarian says Nationals MPs should be more outspoken about massive fee hikes to the degrees relevant to their regions.

The Federal Government has ended some of the uncertainty around the Teach for Australia program, which offers a fast-track to professionals from non-teaching backgrounds into classrooms.

Staff rallies will continue as CSIRO fights to preserve its ranks.

Fish have the same emotional and mental capabilities as other vertebrates, yet they do not get anywhere near the same regard from most humans.

A pair of high-tech gloves could help people learn how to read and write Braille, and they won’t have to pay too much attention.

A concerning study by the University of Sydney says there has been a steep rise in prescriptions of medications to treat attention deficit disorder, severe depression and psychosis.

The Federal Education Department has put up $5 million in grants for a series of important projects.

A report compiled months ago by the two figures behind Federal Government education reforms shows little need for change.

Researchers in the US have been investigating just what an assessor should look for when they are evaluating teachers.

Hundreds of hackers will soon sink their digital teeth into piles of Australian Government data for the benefit of the nation.

The High Court has ruled that the Federal Government is not able to fund chaplains in schools, and that a $250 million effort to do so was not constitutionally valid.

Modern technology will connect people along an ancient river system, in a program to show students the ongoing importance of the Murray Darling Basin.

A friendly pile of junk will be making its way across Canada in an experiment to see if robots can trust humans.

Whooping cough has been declared an epidemic in the heartland of the American anti-vaccine movement.

Science has added some data to the observable trend that coolness in high school does not last.

Education Department figures show a very rough rate of attendance across one state.

The brain is an incredible processing tool that can jump from thought to thought almost instantly, and a new study says the ability to think quickly may come from harmony between regions.

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