There has been some concern about the effectiveness of a program designed to improve the quality and range of experienced staff in the teaching sector.

With many public school administrators facing the threat of heavy budget cuts from the federal to state level, Education Minister Christopher Pyne has assured private schools that the Federal Government will continue funding them directly.

While plenty of other creatures are intelligent – humans seem to have unique skills when it comes to brain power.

It has been shown that wellbeing and happiness peak at the beginning and ends of our lives, and a new study is seeking to find out source of such good vibrations for students across the country.

A major environmental group has joined with the water industry in urging Queenslanders to put down the plastic bottle and turn on a tap.

When trying to change long-held ideas about the world, language is everything.

Millions of dollars has been moved from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to pay for the home insulation inquiry.

Despite efforts to avoid it, millions of dollars in budget cuts will force CSIRO to close down several sites for world-leading research.

An inactive life may contribute more to the risk of heart disease than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure, research suggests.

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil next month will have a particularly high-tech start, as the first ball of the world’s biggest sporting event is kicked by a paralysed teen in a robotic exoskeleton.

A new study has shown extra levels of complexity in the way sound and vision tell us about the world.

Authorities are pushing for a high-tech edge in the fight to find missing children.

University students continue to vocalise their discontent at planned uni fee hikes, and now one senior academic has changed sides on the debate.

Young people are being swayed by the “relaxing” and “fun” image of a dangerous smoking device, and researchers say it must be addresses in order to cut future addictions.

The latest report has shown some encouraging gains from attempts to close the gap in Indigenous education.

The architect of Australia’s significant education funding reforms has lamented their deterioration, just a few years after being put in place.

Depression in mothers often hits hardest several years after giving birth, new research shows.

Many rue the idea of having to leave the comfort and convenience of urban living for work in regional areas, with many having to be paid considerably more to “go rural”.

A Japanese astronaut has bid farewell to his small robot companion, after the two spent six months together orbiting the Earth.

A research assistant may have hit on a faster, cheaper way to test for HIV.

The largest review ever undertaken has shown no link between vaccination and autism.

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