The latest youth unemployment figures show tough times in many regions, with some areas seeing dramatic spikes in joblessness over the last few years.

A new study suggests children’s books that depict animals with human characteristics do not help them learn about nature.

The single program for getting young people into agriculture may be cut, with reports that the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education has already lost its national headquarters.

More funding has been given to a program that offers a 6-week teacher training course to get people with unrelated degrees into classrooms.

There is concern at the axing of numerous English as a second language (ESL) teachers in NSW, which some have said is the first failing of new funding.

Senators from all sides of politics say NAPLAN is coming in under the mark.

An ancient and beautiful language has been brought into the digital age, with the release of a Sanskrit e-book.

Researchers have extracted images of people’s faces from human memory, using brain scans.

The human nose is capable of some high-definition smelling, with a new study estimating we can distinguish around one trillion different scents.

A postgrad student has deciphered a letter dating back 1,800 years, written by an Egyptian soldier serving in a Roman legion in Europe.

Parents are being encouraged to talk with their kids and take a larger role in their online activities, hoping to cut the harmful effects of cyber-bullying on a national day of action.

A Victorian school in disrepair has been awarded $10 million for a full makeover.

Despite many universities and school condemning the use of Wikipedia as a legitimate source, a new study says thousands of research papers happily cite the open source encyclopaedia.

Few school subjects illicit the kind of fear and abjection that mathematics can, but researchers say there may be a genetic reason behind it.

An education department audit has found one state’s authorities are fairly unaware of the extent of behavioural problems.

Coordinators of a commendable adult literacy program are calling for tutors, saying they want to bring the life-changing service to more people.

Physicists have discovered evidence from the first few billionths of a second after the universe formed.

Police and local shopkeepers have banded together to cut truancy rates in New South Wales.

Research has shown the power of teaching and learning maths with hand gestures.

The Independent Schools Council of Australia has delivered a dim view of Australian education funding, saying all models are far removed from the Gonski recommendations, and national reform is virtually impossible.

As many lament the decline of respect and values among today’s youth, a recent study has shown the effects that older generations’ habits can have on young people’s perspective.

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