Rolling stoppages across University of Western Sydney campuses have started today, leaving potentially hundreds with no class to go to.

A leading education researcher says recent changes are working against Australian students, as politics disrupts classrooms nationwide.

A conference in Canberra has seen some of the chiefs of the online education revolution spruik their achievements to local universities.

A Northern Territory policy has seen so many students back in regional schools that teachers say they are overwhelmed.

A pilot program is using technology to bridge education barriers worldwide, by conducting courses through avatars in an entirely virtual world.

The Northern Territory Government is considering a move to independent public schools at some sites, seeking the same benefits as Queensland and Western Australia have claimed.

The light-sensitive cells in the eye of a chicken represent the first known biological occurrence of a potentially new state of matter.

The oldest piece of the Earth’s crust ever seen has been uncovered in Western Australia.

A new research centre will use high-tech tools to investigate the history of the country’s first residents.

Literacy and numeracy levels in Tasmania are around ten per cent lower than the rest of country and continuing to drop.

Students at Glasgow University in Scotland have picked an international fugitive as their representative, electing Edward Snowden as college rector.

Some staff at the University of Western Australia will take industrial action to escalate an ongoing pay dispute.

An inventor has slashed the price of Braille printers by thousands of dollars, but even more incredibly – he’s only 12 years old.

For about a billion years of Earth’s history all life consisted of little more than a layer of slime, but then about 550 million years ago evolution burst back into action and provided it with the stunning array of species from which humans have evolved.

The latest edition of the journal Current Psychiatry has detailed a range of new emerging treatments for depression, moving care beyond common antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft.

Research has shown how our brain combines internal and external information to create a complete view of the world.

A former Australian Prime Minister will lead a program aimed at educating the world's poorest children.

Millions have been spent across a number of sites to reform TAFE services on the Gold Coast.

Everyone needs sleep - without it we risk high cholesterol, obesity and depression - but new research shows missing sleep may do long-term damage to the brain as well.

Several factors have been blamed for an ongoing drop in the amount of New South Wales high school students signing up for top-level maths classes.

The Australian National University is looking for students’ input for a new online campus mental health support service.

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