A new Queensland Government Education bill has gone further than recommended, allowing principals to judge the criminal history of new enrolments.

New research suggests an old product could give the human brain some new functions.

The Tasmanian Government has outlined the size of its public sector cuts, and expressed “regret” that so many will be sacked.

Clive Palmer may be the saviour of disgruntled academics, as a rift between university management and staff comes to light.

One of our ancient ancestors has turned ten years old, but a modern expert says we are just starting to find out who it was.

A high-tech and visually-stunning software suite will bring a better look at data.

An Australian expert has poked holes in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), following further negotiations over the weekend.

The Vatican is taking a high-tech approach to preserving its massive library.

The Queen Mother of Bhutan is in Canberra to encourage young women to higher levels of education.

Social media has emerged as the hip new place for junk food marketing, with a study showing that adolescents are being made to spread the message about unhealthy food.

Sexting is commonplace among Australian teenagers, and a new study shows it has become a fairly normal way for romantic youngsters to interact.

A study has revealed a new benefit of effective early childhood education, and again showed just how advanced some Scandinavian education systems are.

Robots and rivers have formed an unlikely connection, coming together for the benefit of human education.

The student who leaked details of the Prime Minister’s daughter’s “secret” scholarship faces up to two years jail.

Reports say Victoria's corruption watchdog has been running a secret investigation over a botched $180 million schools computer project.

A new deal means Australia’s robot revolution may start just south of Sydney.

A University of Sydney Professor says that the recent Australian Curriculum review makes some assumptions that could greatly hinder the success of many students.

One of the people behind the new review of the English curriculum is facing accusations of racism, sexism, bigotry and having an horrendous sense of humour.

There are many completely false yet popular myths about the brain, and a new study say they can hinder factual learning.

A survey has found truly disturbing rates of violent attitudes towards women among everyday Australians.

The Federal Government's plan to close important research centres have drawn criticism almost immediately.

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