While many complain about the specifics of high school curricula and broad educational ideas, it is worth remembering that for a huge portion of the planet the most basic schooling is out of reach.

Queensland schools will have to prove they are improving to secure federal funds.

A new technique is being developed that would allow human cells to be turned back into stem cells, and grown into virtually any body part.

Some astounding inventions have shown the high level of creativity in the minds of Australian high-schoolers.

Modern science has found a tiny culprit in an ancient mystery – shedding light on what killed around half the population of Europe, twice.

The University of South Australia has decided to open the doors on a new research institute dedicated to the many choices we have to make.

A major hub has been opened which will see many of the world’s leading experts working close to Antarctica, basking in the relative comfort of Hobart.

Australian researchers have created an online test to check for Alzheimer’s disease in just ten minutes.

CSIRO researchers are using smart yellow sticks to see what makes the Indian Ocean tick.

Parents play the major role in the future health of their children, but new research shows even the exact moment of conception can influence a kid's fate.

A new program will take trainees across land and sea to learn how to care for both environments.

Some health authorities have begun to speak out about the possible damage of too much ‘screen time’ for children.

A huge bounty has been offered for one of the most prominent hacks imaginable, with Google putting up a $US2.7 million prize for someone to break into its software.

Two champions of a renewable energy future have been honoured this Australia Day.

The New South Wales State Government has lowered the bar for teachers, but a prominent figure in the academic community has asked how it will help improve quality.

Almost $74 million will be spent on three new national Centres of Excellence led by Monash University.

James Cook University (JCU) researchers say it is tough to expand their knowledge in a country where every dollar spent on research is sacred.

A course is on in New South Wales which hopes to breed a generation of better councillors and local government leaders.

Australian newlyweds will receive a $200 voucher for marriage counselling in a Federal Government effort to keep couples together for life.

Public schooling advocates have accused the Federal Government of “sabotaging” the Gonski recommendations, saying they will still leave schools short.

The decline of honeybee populations around the world is a cause for great concern, and researchers have just discovered another possible reason the vital bugs are dropping like flies.

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