The Northern Territory Government is considering scrapping a scheme which provides sport and health education to girls, causing deep concern from advocates.

Scientists in the US say that the financial wealth and educational background of a mother can affect the make-up of their child’s brain – making it more difficult to process sound.

A round-up of figures from the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has tracked educational progress across the states, showing room for improvement in several classes.

A new website billed as a ‘digital textbook’ has been created to help change the way young students see science– encouraging them to study and get excited about a traditionally stuffy subject.

The Federal Government has announced the introduction of a new student visa, which it says has been streamlined to boost education numbers.

The Western Australian Premier still intends to shut several schools, but has put off revealing which will go until next year at least.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has been engaged in a light scuffle on his way into Victoria’s Parliament House.

An Australian university has created an online tool to help young people suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Most people have experienced anything from a longing gaze to a creepy stare, but now science has shown some of the specifics behind the ways we check each other out.

A much-hypothesised material will soon be closer to researchers’ grasp, with engineers embarking on a build to make dark matter in the lab.

A new discovery has revealed the human brain has several times more processing power than ever imagined.

A shuttle launched in 2003 has sent back data from over 12,500 trips around Mars, the European Space Agency has now compiled it into a high-resolution fly-over.

A large number of respondents to a recent survey say governments should take a more active role in controlling food labels to improve public health, education and benefit the environment.

In a rising trend of prominent ex- politicians taking jobs in academia, Former NSW Premier and Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr has been appointed Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW.

Schools in New South Wales have seen the start of benefits from the multi-billion dollar education funding reforms installed by the previous federal government.

The Liberal Party in South Australia may be bringing the directives of its federal counterpart into state classrooms – cutting research in favour of business investment.

A project in Western Australia has won an award for ditching the classroom and taking kids back to their roots.

An Australian Education Union survey has shown stress is a major factor weighing on the minds of Tasmanian teachers, amidst negotiations for better hours.

The first far-reaching study into academic doping in Australia has been conducted, finding University students are increasingly looking for a chemical advantage over their classmates.

The Australian Government needs an entirely new approach to job training and education for its Indigenous residents, according to philanthropist and businessperson Andrew Forrest.

The Federal Government has announced it will implement recommendations from the Review of Higher Education Regulation, intended to reduce the ‘red tape’ of regulation and reporting.

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