The federal government has launched an information campaign on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

With the aim of providing citizens with essential knowledge about the referendum proposal, the program directs individuals to, where they can access comprehensive information before casting their votes later this year.

The dedicated website and program are designed to serve as an unbiased source of information regarding the Indigenous Voice proposal. 

This initiative echoes a similar nonpartisan “civics” campaign that accompanied the republic referendum in 1999.

Previously, the government declared its decision to refrain from providing public funds to either the Yes or No campaigns before the referendum. 

The focus now is on establishing a permanent independent advisory body called an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

Minister for Indigenous Australians, Linda Burney, says the program will help in “preparing the country for this national conversation before voting day”. 

She stressed that it is crucial for all Australians to access reliable and trustworthy information as they consider the proposal to amend the Constitution in recognition of Australia's First Peoples through the referendum.

In addition to the website and program, the government has allocated $475,000 to the Museum of Australian Democracy and $1 million to the Constitution Education Fund Australia. 

These funds will enable the creation of comprehensive content and resources about the Constitution and the referendum process, enhancing public understanding. 

The government envisions the Museum of Australian Democracy and the Constitution Education Fund Australia collaborating to deliver a grassroots civic program, encompassing user-friendly guides on the voting process later this year.

“This is one part of the broader Referendum civics education program, with investments made through the Museum of Australian Democracy and the Constitution Education Fund Australia, to provide Australians with all the necessary tools to make an informed decision,” Ms Burney said.