There is some good feedback emerging from a new type of school that allows talented kids to learn via video link.

The virtual selective high school Aurora College is run by a number of schools in regional NSW.

The project helps outstanding students get access to advanced classes, no matter where they live.

Barwon MP Kevin Humphries has reported back after seeing the scheme in action at Broken Hill High School this week.

“Being a country member, and it's no accident that the education minister is also a country member, it's our turn to put country students front and centre,” Mr Humphries said.

“Our philosophy is it doesn't matter where you live, in any part of the state you should have access to the best, and the currency of the future for these young people is education.”

Mr Humphries said the number of students enrolled in Aurora could double next year.

“The numbers will grow, there's no doubt about that,” he said.

“Over time you will see thousands of students from around the state being a part of the Aurora College, and if it works well it should become one of the largest high schools in a virtual sense.”