A new OECD report has highlighted some of the pressures that can harm teenagers' wellbeing and performances at school.

The OECD PISA 2015 students' wellbeing report looked at exam anxiety, deadlines, social pressures, emotionally remote parents and teachers, and other pressures on young people today.

Its key findings include:

  • Two-thirds of students are stressed about their performance at school
  • Boys are more likely to be physically bullied, while girls tend to suffer verbal and psychological bullying
  • Student satisfaction is lowest at schools with a higher frequency of bullying
  • Students report more positive relationships with their teachers when bullying is less frequent
  • Teens who talk with their parents at dinner report higher levels of overall life satisfaction

Australian teenagers are falling behind global counterparts on some important measurements, but hold their own in a number of post-school rankings.

Students in highly-ranked education nations like Finland not only beat Australian students academically, but they report higher happiness levels and a greater sense of belonging in their school communities as well.

Australian teens are more likely to report that they intended to go to university, and more frequently exressed a desire to top their class.

Additionally, Australian students are three times more likely to have a paid job outside school than their Finish counterparts.